About Us


BMA Rings, keeping pace with the rapidly changing technology, is producing rings in state of the art production facilities that have 2,500m2 of closed area in Istanbul. Since 1989 BMA Rings is among the major Turkish ring manufacturers offering thousands of high quality and alluring models worldwide. BMA Rings is viewed as one of the leading companies and is a pioneer thanks to its creativity, know-how and exclusive production techniques. BMA Rings, manufacturing exceptional rings for the World’s leading brands in jewelry, exports to more than 40 countries. In addition to its export markets, BMA Rings has a wide distribution network of prestigious local retailers in the domestic market.



BMA Rings, focusing on minimizing potential defects, uses modern quality control techniques systematically and accurately in all of the production processes to increase the efficiency. Each and every product manufactured is controlled individually to ensure the standards and satisfy the expectations of the customers. Satisfying the needs of the customers are always the top priorities in the design and material selection processes.



BMA Rings, having state of the art machinery in addition to its strong Research & Development department, manages the whole process beginning from design and R&D until manufacturing and packaging effectively. Standardized production fre from defects and total control in the manufacturing processes are provided with the modern facilities run with cutting-edge high technology software. All the designs, brands and the production techniques of the company that are obtained with meticulous R&D activities and comprehensive design processes are legally protected by patents and trademark applications.


Philosophy & Values

BMA Rings have quality and excellence as the core values of the company and leads the industry with the development and introduction of innovative techniques. BMA Rings symbolizes trust for the customers with a customer satisfaction oriented approach, high quality products and an exceptional service level. With a flexible structure fit for continuous development, highly qualified personnel, wide product range, and frequently launched new designs; BMA Rings differentiates itself from the competition.


Brands & Collections

BMA Rings differentiates itself in the market with a wide collection of internationally protected brands and designs. To offer unique and valuable product, the trends in the global markets are carefully monitored and contemporary designs are created using innovative methods. BMA Rings offers exclusive designs supported by solid stories while constantly working on new and distinctive projects.